Symptoms of Food Allergies
The symptoms associated with food allergies are listed below.   Some people may only develop one or two of these
symptoms, while others may develop all symptoms.  Reactions typically develop within 5-30 minutes of eating the
before having any reaction at all.  

Urticaria: One of the most common symptom of food allergies is a skin condition called urticaria.  Another word for
urticaria is "hives".   Typically, hives look like a bunch of itchy raised blotchy red dots.  The rash is very itchy.  The
rash can show up just about anywhere on the body.  

Angioedema: This is a term used to denote swelling of certain parts of the body, such as the lips, tongue, throat, and
the area around the eyes.    Swelling of the tongue and throat can be very dangerous as it can result in severe
difficulties breathing.  Sometimes, the swelling can be inside the body.    For example, the lining of the intestines can
swell, resulting in abdominal pain, and cramping.

Itching: This is also a common symptom of food allergies.   Some people develop mild itching of the mouth or throat
after eating certain fresh fruits or vegetables, but no other symptoms.  This is called the
food-pollen syndrome.   
However, itching of the palm of the hand, sole of the feet, eyes, ears or the whole body may signify a more serious
food allergy.   Some women may develop vaginal itching after eating foods that they are allergic to.

Breathing problems: This may include difficulties breathing, wheezing, shortness of breath, or chest tightness due to
muscle spasms in the lungs.   This may be more common in asthma patients.   These symptoms can be very severe and
life threatening.

Abdominal problems: Vomiting and diarrhea are common symptoms, especially  in infants and young children.   
Abdominal pain can also happen after eating an allergic food.    Women can develop abdominal cramps from spasms
of the uterus.

Shock: Allergic individuals may develop may develop a sensation of weakness and light-headedness with food
allergies.   Some may also faint.   These symptoms can be a sign of low blood pressure (called shock).    This is a very
serious condition.

Metallic taste in the mouth: This is a rare phenomenon.

Impending Doom: A sensation that something very wrong and bad is going on.

It is important to note that food allergy is not the only medical condition that will cause these symptoms.     Similar
reactions can happen with other allergies, such as insect, latex, and drug allergies.    It is therefore important to tell
your physician what you were doing and what you may have ingested or been exposed to when you develop
symptoms so that he/she can have a better idea of what may have happened.

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