The classification for flying insects that are known to cause severe allergic reactions is:

Kingdom        Animalia
Phylum            Arthropoda
Class               Insecta
Subclass         Pterygota
Infraclass         Neoptera
Order                 Hymenoptera

The Hymenoptera order has over 130 000 named species- the second largest order of insects in the
world.  This includes the honey bee, wasp, yellow jacket, hornet, and white-faced hornet.  The Beetles
(Coleoptera) contain the greatest number of species.

The smallest known insect in the world is a Hymenopteran Alaptus magnanimus.

The largest single colony of insects recorded are Hymenopteran:  Ants of the genus Formica in Japan
(F. yessensis with over 300 million ants living in one massive colony containing 45 interconnected nests).

Many Hymenoptera are pollinators of many of our crop plants.  It is impossible to estimate their
economic importance but it easily amounts to Billions of dollars annually.  It is humbling to consider that
if all the Hymenopterans were to suddenly disappear from the earth, it would probably result in the end
of human existence
Facts about Hymenoptera

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